If you were to walk into the kitchen on any day, you would find a team of dedicated food people. Executive chef Ryan loves to know all there is to know about food, most recently his passion is for cheese-making, fashioning his own smoked goat’s provolone. Head chef Jamie builds race cars as well as vegie gardens. Chef de Partie Abby loves to wine and dine around Australia. And when we have visitors in our kitchen they often remark at the youthfulness of the team, yep passionate people who love their trade and the place they live.

Ryan and the team are keen to share their recipes which mean you can easily prepare delicious food using ingredients from your own garden or local purveyors at home and share in the magic of fresh, vibrant food.

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are used in many Indian, North African and South East Asian dishes but where they really impress is in a Moroccan tagine. Choose lemons that have not been waxed.  The best lemons are from the tree in your back yard, ones with thick pith are even better.  A few blemishes are fine. These makes great gifts! Makes 2 jars.

What you’ll need:

20 Lemons

I kg Rock Salt (we use Murray River pink salt, second grade used for pickles and preserves, you can get this from some supermarkets or from Food Nation)

2 x One litre preserving jars with lids

Step 1:  Wash lemons to remove any dirt from the outside.  Meanwhile clean and sterilize a few one litre preserving jars and lids.

Step 2:  Cut lemons from the point to about one cm from other end and then turn and do the same so you have almost quartered the lemon.

Step 3:  Over a non-reactive bowl pack the inside of the cut lemons with rock salt, squeeze as much juice out of the lemon as you can.  Do this to all the lemons.

Step 4:  Pack the lemons into preserving jars and add some more rock salt around the lemons (you can if you like add dried spices at this point, in particular black pepper, bay, cinnamon and clove are great).  Once the jars are full and the lemons pressed down as much as possible add a teaspoon of ascorbic acid to the juice in the bowl (its powerful anti-oxidant properties will keep your lemons bright and yellow for over a year) now pour the juice over the lemons until totally covering them, if you need more juice then just squeeze another lemon.  Seal and leave in a cellar or pantry for a minimum of three weeks before trying.

Once ready, remove the pith and wash the zest before slicing thinly.

Enjoy, Ryan